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Every business challenge is individual and industry-specific. Even if the objective and the path are clear, practical implementation often remains difficult and the required results are not realized. Targeted support implemented at the crucial adjustment points can achieve a lot in this case.

It is often not necessary to reinvent the wheel using huge external teams: it is sufficient to reinforce the project or sub-project management with one or two consultants. Our consultants will efficiently familiarize themselves with your issue, take up your ideas, systematize weak points as well as improvement options and point out possible solutions. In six industrial sectors.



Modern technologies, platforms and optimized sales and product support can help to massively increase your own productivity through B2B sales. A systematic expansion of your service business will often produce unexpected growth opportunities. Forecast models and simulation approaches for operations, manufacturing and the supply chain help to identify efficiency potential and it can then be implement in a targeted manner.

Our more than 180 consultants have in-depth project experience in various industrial sectors and they support our clients competently and efficiently in their various optimization issues. We will vary our capacity over the project period to be able to implement the improvements developed as part of the project with the leanest possible budget. This will enable us to realize the defined objectives of our clients and simultaneously work in a budget-friendly way.

“Productivity increases in B2B sales and services”
“Systematic expansion of a global service business”

“Performance program with growth and efficiency initiatives”

“Supply chain optimization for on-time deliveries and capacity utilization”

T. S. (MBA), Munich

Management consultant
Industrial Goods & Services

Independent consultant since 2013
9 years at Bain & an industrial company
Industrial expert, conceptual, results-orientated

„Impact for my client is my permanent goal“

W. S., Munich

Management consultant
Industrial Goods & Services

Independent consultant since 2002
9 years at Oliver Wyman & consulting
Production expert, team player, hands-on

„Energy drives output drives success“



There are always new challenges and projects that brains can help with because of the transformation within the financial industry. Digitization, business intelligence and data-driven underwriting all mean far-reaching changes and billions being invested by insurance companies. The need to increase efficiency requires greater automation and agile forms of organization in the operating and service units. Project portfolios in the damage, life and industrial sectors are often dominated by platform & migration projects, where temporary support from strong project managers can have a great impact.

Banks and stock exchanges use our consultants to increase performance or expand new business units, often in cooperation with FinTechs and InsurTechs. Complex efficiency and IT programs must be implemented successfully there just as they have been in the insurance industry. Data-driven customer contact based on CRM and AI is another issue that is gaining in importance in corporate, private banking and the retail sectors.

More than 150 consultants from our network bring different experiences and perspectives to projects with financial service providers.

“Optimized existing customer utilization using business intelligence”

“Implemented an efficiency-focused service center organization”

“PMO for a special project in the life policy sector“

“Business expansion in corporate banking for medium-sized companies”

O. S. (MBA), Zürich

Management consultant
Banks, insurance companies & stock exchanges

Independent consultant since 2016
9 years at McKinsey & consulting
Financial expert, analytical, result-oriented

„I enjoy solving complex challenges“

T. P, Cologne

Management Consultant
Banks, insurance companies & stock exchanges

Independent consultant since 2016
15 years at Oliver Wyman, Simon Kucher & insurance Insurance expert, conceptual, strong implementation skills

„Transformation means implementation“



Developments within life science and health care are driven by innovation and societal change. There is a growing demand for highly qualified project managers and consultants with specific subject matter expertise to develop and implement business critical initiatives quickly. We support our clients in addressing their major challenges and being successful in an increasingly complex environment. Our project managers and consultants provide their specific expertise in fields like digitization, new business development, commercial excellence as well as manufacturing and supply chain management.

More than 100 consultants in our brains network have specific experience with MedTech, BioTech and pharmaceutical companies as well as health care providers. The combination of an entrepreneurial mindset, diverse backgrounds ranging from business administration to medicine and many years of consulting experience is particularly valued by our clients.

”Portfolio optimizing for R&D projects at a MedTech manufacturer”

“PMO for expanding the production capacities at a pharmaceutical company”

“Improved the controlling for multi-channel management”

“Managed the creation of differentiated supply chains”

Dr K. K. (MBA), Barcelona

Partner of brains alliance
Life Science & Health Care

Independent consultant since 2012
10 years at McKinsey & a start up
Life science expert, strong leader, entrepreneurial

„Let‘s just do it“

E. N. (MBA), Budapest/Paris

Management consultant
Life Science & Health Care

Independent consultant since 2012
15 years at McKinsey & in industry
Analytical, structured, strong implementation skills

„No input, no output“



The upheaval in the automotive industry is characterized by developments such as e-mobility, networking and new technologies that also include self-driving cars. Along the way we are often confronted with classic project inquiries. Ranging from establishing new sales channels and optimizing services to managing efficiency and productivity programs. For railway companies, the focus is mainly on capacity, optimization and planning issues, where a combination of industry understanding and customized project expertise becomes essential.

In our brains network, more than 80 consultants and project managers can support automobile manufacturers, their suppliers and sales partners as well as railway companies and other transport companies to adapt to these new times. We will help you to implement your important projects with high efficiency and support you on your way to future mobility.

“Managed business & dealer development for a new sales concept”

“Optimized the project management for a new mobility sector”

“PMO for controlling important development projects”

“Supported the planning for optimizing train utilization and line capacities”

D. K., Duesseldorf

Management consultant
Automobiles & Transport

Independent consultant since 2008
11 years at McKinsey & an investment company Automobile & railway expert
Conceptually strong, result-oriented

„Numbers, data, facts first“

T. M. (MBA), Frankfurt

Management consultant
Automobiles & Transport

Independent consultant since 2012
16 years at A. T. Kearney & an industrial company
Finance-oriented, communicative, strong implementation skills

„Teamwork is the fuel for success“



Continuously serving customer needs and possibly creating new ones demands maximum activity and speed from consumer goods and retail companies. brains can help you here. Whether its multi-channel management, an improved customer experience, branch network optimization or the comprehensive digitization of your stores: Targeted project management with close involvement of those responsible and the stakeholders is usually essential for rapid implementation. An understanding of the industry is just as essential as the necessary experience to be able to present the questions critical to success to the decision-making committees in an adequate format in order to meet these requirements. This also applies to numerous operations & supply chain challenges in this sector.

More than 120 consultants and project managers in our brains network are available to you to drive tightly scheduled projects with expertise and the highest quality. We design, collaborate and help your critical issues to succeed.

“Designing and implementing a consulting and service concept”

“Optimizing customer journeys to increase efficiency”

“PMO for branch network optimizing”

“Managed the creation of differentiated e-commerce supply chains”

H. O., Duesseldorf

Management consultant
Consumer Goods & Retail Markets

Independent consultant since 2020
18 years at Booz & Company & a retail company
Retail expert, analytical, strong leader

„The truth always lies with customers“

Dr R. M., Vienna

Management consultant
Consumer Goods & Retail Markets

Independent consultant since 2016
5 years at McKinsey & an investment company Consumer goods expert, conceptual, entrepreneurial

„Nothing is better than doing“



The PE industry generates average global returns of between 15 and 20% per annum. In active investment management, there is now an increasing need for project support for systematic growth (“buy-and-build”) and for performance enhancement (“100-day programs”).

The mainly medium-sized investments pursue ambitious targets, which often have to be realized in a short time. Structured value enhancement programs with sub-modules for finance, organization, sales, purchasing, operations/IT/supply chain and other functional topics will help to realize this. Carve-outs and integrations are standard requirements when buying and selling companies.

We can provide customized support from the 500 experienced consultants in our network for all the listed issues. Our internal organization according to areas of expertise and industries as well as our flexible support approach makes us a preferred partner for the PE industry and managing investments.
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“Country-specific market entry concepts for a high-tech company”

“100 day program focusing on finances, sales & operations”

“Carve-out and PMI as a blueprint for a buy-and-build platform strategy”

“Optimizing the supply chain and purchasing in the process industry”

O. B. (MBA), Munich

Management consultant
Private Equity & Investment Companies

Independent consultant since 2012
12 years at McKinsey & consulting
Private equity expert,
broad industry knowledge, analytical

„You can ignore facts, you cannot ignore the consequences“

A. A.-U., Munich

Management consultant
Private Equity & Investment Companies

Independent consultant since 2018
18 years at Booz & Company
Analytical, broad industry experience,
strong implementation skills

„Put first things first“